CDMB Architects

Bismarckstraße 11a
14109 Berlin

CDMB Architects is a Berlin based architecture design practice concerned with architectural, social and ecological issues.

We believe architecture embodies the unique quality of bridging intuitive and logical space. Therefore architecture lives and is shaped by its environment creating a sense of place. It is our conviction that architecture has a spirit, a soul which bonds people of all cultures and walks of life. Our goal is to reveal the hidden qualities of the spatial bond; the souls of places.

We choose to reveal the unique characteristic of the architectural problem by exploring the emotional and rational layers that tend to camouflage it. This attitude towards space requires artistic and scientific talent at all stages of its research and production by collaborating with experts of various disciplines. This journey assumes knowledge in social criticisms, cultural histories and technologies which form a diary of modes and places and our source of inspiration.
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