Are we thieves?



Artist Talk *in English

“Are we thieves?”
Temitayo Ogunbiyi in conversation with Yaneq (Radio Arty)
from 7PM

Finissage reception and presentation of the site-specific work created by T.Ogunbiyi during two week residency in Berlin

The title of the first European solo show by Nigerian artist Temitayo Ogunbiyi is in the form of a question „Am I a Thief ?“. The question itself is relevant to each of us - citizens of the contemporary world. When we browse the web daily, we borrow and reinterpret ideas and imagery, share our own thoughts and experiences in forums and on social networks, download music, films and software, get inspired by people from all over the world. Do we steal from each other or collaborate? Where are the borders between new private and new public and how cultural exchange and artistic development is mediated by contemporary digital technologies of communication? Nigerian artist, Temitayo Ogunbiyi, invites us, fellow travelers, to find out together whether we are all criminals on some level.