2006 EULDA AWARD - European Logo Design Annual 2006

Culcha Candela

Culcha Candela Logo

The brand logo was designed for Berlin-based band Culcha Candela, comprising seven members of five nationalities. As well as reflecting the member?s diverse multicultural backgrounds, the globe represents the uncanny ability music has to unify even the most disparate of audiences. Stemming from the interchange and collective efforts of the band and its listeners, the flames in the logo personify the power and energy of their music and performances. Now in their fourth year together as a band, Culcha Candela has built up a respectable following in Germany and various other countries, and has recently released a new EP. The instantly-recognisable Culcha Candela logo is also used on all the band?s promotional materials, including T-shirts, caps, flyers, etc.  
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